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They met each other in the early eighties, and both were in music for a long time.

After playing in separate bands they decided to go on as a Country Music duo.

They rehearse the songs they wanted to do for a long time. Till the time has come to go on stage to present their selves as a country duo.

That was a successful decision, the people liked them, and embraced them as a Country Duo. So Country Duo Ted and Helen was born.

They're not taking their success for granted, they still rehearse and try to find the songs people like.

Ted and Helen prefer the traditional Country Music, like duets from “Loretta Lynn and Conway Twitty “ “George Jones and Tammy Wynette” “Dolly Parton and Porter Wagoner”.

In their shows they do duets as well as solo songs. 

They also sing songs where the Line dancers can dance to, but for Ted and Helen, it still has to be Country Music.


Trough the years they've got many compliments of their singing and their harmonies. Ted's low baritone voice fits perfectly to Helen's high voice.

In 1992 they recorded their first album at the Reflexion studio in Nashville Tennessee.

In 2003 they received the award for the best country duo in The Netherlands as well as the public award. Talking about success.


Ted and Helen are not the artists who retreat them selves in dressing rooms after the show, they like to spend some time with the crowd, because they said, “ These people are coming to see, and hear us, so why not spend some time with them”.

They also like to respond to the people while they're on stage, so that makes their shows nice ( and sometimes funny ) to be with.


If you want to learn more about them, you can find them on YouTube or Facebook, just click Country Duo Ted and Helen, and you can see and hear them.


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